A caring attitude to the  environment, natural resources and ecology in general is one of the greatest tasks of our time. It is one of the highest priorities today, and it is paid a special attention to not only by individual companies but also by the governments. Thus, environment friendly technologies are acquiring huge importance. The attitude of not only population but also - and especially - of large companies and businesses becomes a matter of concern .

New Products Group does not remain on the sidelines: eco-responsibility and eco-consciousness, use of eso-friendly technologies, participation in eco-oriented projects - these are the principles that govern our activities.

The company pays enormous attention to the effective implementation of modern environmentally friendly equipment. Company’s experts are constantly monitoring  the latest world developments, carefully selecting and installing  the best samples at Zhashkiv facility. It is important to note, that installation, establishment and training of the staff is done by highly skilled professionals – representatives of  equipment’s manufacturer.

Since 2014 use of natural gas is stopped  at the facility and use of CC-1500 power complex is implemented for heating up the facility by means of solid ecological fuel, namely by pellets.

The CC – 1500 power complex has the best price-quality ratio; it provides an opportunity to work both pellets and on other eco-friendly fuel types (lumpy wood, wood chips, waste wood, wood shaving and many others). This heating system conforms to our enterprise requirment. By means of its  boiler we have an opportunity to carry out utilization of unsuitable in further use pallets, cardboard spools  and other waste, by  using them as fuel. The CC – 1500 power complex  has the power of 1500 kW that completely replaces the operation of two natural gas boilers with a general power total of 1024 kW.

At Zhashkiv plant, works on PET-line refit were carried out. The line equipment will be able to work with preform that has a shortened bottle neck, and, correspondingly, less weight.

Following the best practices of other world companies, we are systematically introducing modern resource-saving technologies at the enterprise. Not just to save money and materials that are spent on production, but to reduce the amount of waste, polluting the environment.