Eco-oriented philosophy

A caring attitude to the environment, natural resources and ecology in general is one of the greatest tasks of our time. It is one of the highest priorities today, and it is paid a special attention to not only by individual companies but also by the governments. Thus, environment friendly technologies are acquiring huge importance. The attitude of not only population but also – and especially – of large companies and businesses becomes a matter of concern .

New Products Group does not remain on the sidelines: eco-responsibility and eco-consciousness, use of eso-friendly technologies, participation in eco-oriented projects – these are the principles that govern our activities.


The company pays significant attention to the effective implementation of modern environmentally friendly equipment. Company’s experts are constantly monitoring the latest world developments, carefully selecting and installing  the best samples at Zhashkiv facility. It is important to note, that installation, establishment and training of the staff is done by highly skilled professionals – representatives of  equipment’s manufacturer.

Since 2014 use of power complex is implemented for heating up the facility by ecological fuel by utilization of facility waste, – cardboard, broken pellets and other packagings, which can not be reused.

The power complex has the best price-quality ratio; it provides an opportunity to work both pellets and on other eco-friendly fuel types (lumpy wood, wood chips, waste wood, wood shaving and many others). This heating system conforms to our enterprise requirment. By means of its boiler we have an opportunity to carry out utilization of pallets, cardboard spools  and other waste, by using them as fuel. The power complex has the power of 1500 kW that completely replaces the operation of two natural gas boilers with a general power total of 1024 kW.

In 2015, the Company started using the new plastic packaging with a shorter neck, which has reduced the use of plastic by 11 %.


In 2013-2016 LLC “Drinks Plus” in cooperation with a specialized geological company conducted experimental-industrial development of the deposit of potable groundwaters, which are used for the production of the Company’s beverages. According to the results of the deposit’s development it was found that artesian wells will be able to provide the Company with high quality water for 25 years, in the amount of about 1500 m3 per day.

In 2016 a hydraulic press for secondary raw materials with an effort of 18 tons was purchased by the Company. The amount of secondary raw materials could be reduced in 4-5 times by pressing. That helps to reduce the amount of storage space, which is necessary for secondary raw materials temporary storage before its utilization, and increases the amount of transported for one time materials, reducing the specific emissions of greenhouse gases by road.


Ecological achievements of the Company for 2017

  • In 2017, more than 210 tons of recyclables (glass, polymers, waste paper, aluminum, etc.) were collected and handed over for reuse.
  • The Company is moving from lighting systems that use fluorescent lamps, which are highly dangerous, to LED lamps. Within a year, more than 300 units have already been replaced.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2017, LLC “Drinks Plus” has successfully passed the test for the compliance with Ukraine’s environmental legislation, which was carried out by several regulatory bodies: the State Ecological Inspection in the Cherkassy region, the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the State Fire Service in the Cherkassy region.
  • At the end of 2017, the Company announced its intention to expand production, publishing the “Statement of Intent on the Production of Beer” in the local media. Within a month from the date of the publication, the enterprise have not received comments or questions from the local population or state institutions.
  • The Company, as a significant consumer of water resources in the region and the city of Zhashkiv, conducts a fruitful dialogue with other water users. Thus, the Company expressed its interest in the project for the reconstruction of sewage treatment plants in Zhashkiv.
  • In early 2017, the Company received a special permit for the use of subsoil by No. 6185 as of January 17, 2017, according to which all 9 wells and 2 sections of the Zhashkiv groundwater deposit available on the balance sheet are allowed to be exploited for a period of 20 years. The information on the subsoil use by the company was updated on all open state Internet resources (,

For the entire period of operation of the wells, there have been no changes in the level of location of artesian waters.

  • In 2017, the volume of production and use of water for the production of beverages of the Company amounted to 2/3 of the limit set by the State.
  • In 2017, LLC “Drinks Plus” received a permit for emissions into the atmosphere for all equipment that is located at the production site in Zhashkiv. And, in accordance with the requirements of the permit, it conducts all its activities and pays an ecotax.
  • In 2017, we implemented a warning system for favorable meteorological conditions for atmospheric pollution on our location in Zhashkiv, which was made possible through cooperation with the Cherkassy Regional Centre for Hydrometeorology and the Zhashkiv Weather Station.