Sustainable development

Taking care of consumers, New Products Group supports existing social projects and constantly initiates new social projects. Active participation in public life is one of priorities of the Company, which throughout its history has actively supports development of charity projects in Ukraine and in the city of Zhashkiv – the place where its production facilities are concentrated.

In the beginning of the year 2014 it was decided to allocate the initiative of New Products Group on the implementation of social measures aimed at specific areas and to create a fund “Nova Hromada” (the New Community), which would help to respond to the needs  of society. The main activities of the fund are philanthropy, social projects and help to the Ukrainian army.

Currently the Fund provides regular financial support to the needy children’s institutions at Zhashkiv district, comprehensive assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the purchase of equipment for the treatment plants, road repair and maintenance of recreation areas for the citizens, promotes the evolvement of educational and cultural programs for young people and students, etc.  Also, under the Fund’s patronage is Smelyanskiy home for people with special needs.

Today we also pay much attention to the help to the Ukrainian army, after all it’s a trying time for our country and today more than ever it need all support from society, and especially from the business.  “Nova Hromada” regularly allocates funds for equipment and all necessities of the military forces that are participating in military operations in the east of the country and protecting territorial integrity of the state; cares for interstate migrants and provides help to families of the deceased.